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Tuscan Decor at Accents of Salado
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Decorating the Tuscan Style Kitchen

In your home, achieve a classic Tuscan decorating style with new old world style furniture and the latest in Tuscan countryside decor accessories. Transform your kitchen with Tuscany home decorating colors and textures. Create a home that wraps you in warmth. Now its easier than ever to have the Tuscan kitchen you've always dreamed of . . . perfect for the relaxed way your family lives.

Tuscan Kitchen Decorating Accessories

Tuscan Decor and Color Trends/Ideas for Tuscan Kitchens
Tuscan Kitchens
Tuscan Kitchen Decorating Accessories READ ABOUT Tuscan Mediterranean decor ideas for decorating Tuscan style kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms in Tuscan style homes. In our  online product  pages select from Tuscan inspired decor accessories coordinated for the perfect Tuscan look.
Tuscan Decorating . . . Tuscan Design
Decorating Today's Tuscan Kitchen

You love the casual Tuscan look in home decor and design. You are drawn to decorating accessories that demonstrate your love to mix, but not match too often. Your style expresses your relaxed approach to good living and your attraction to the fabrics, colors and textures influenced by the Tuscan region of northern Italy. Decorating a Tuscan design kitchen is about decorating for the relaxed way you like to live. Today's Tuscan countryside decorating has few design boundaries and includes the design and colors found in a Tuscan country farmhouse as well as grand Tuscan country villas.

Tuscan Kitchen Color Trends
Tuscan Kitchens
New Decorating Ideas for Tuscan Kitchens

Transform your kitchen with Tuscan color and texture. Combine an old world look with the sophistication of today's Tuscan kitchen furniture and decorating accessories. Consider Tuscan kitchen islands that add a punch of color. Tuscan Kitchen Islands

Tuscan Kitchen Islands
Mediterranean Organics in Tuscan Kitchens
The bountiful harvest is the symbol of nature most often used in old world kitchen decorating. Fruit is a favorite subject of decorative ceramic art, framed artwork and tapestry wall art produced by artists throughout Mediterranean regions. Faux organics like lemons,
pomegranates, grapes, olives and pears are ideal for that natural look on the Tuscan kitchen island and in spaces above kitchen cabinets.
Natural Kitchen Decorating Colors
Tuscan colors are warm and inviting and the Tuscan kitchen is rich with the colors of nature. The Tuscan style kitchen often includes ceramics, iron, natural stone, earthenware and dark wood. When designing your Tuscan kitchen, include accessories in colors that are organic, warm and earthy - colors that harmonize with organic elements.

Tuscan Kitchens
Tuscan Kitchen Decorating
Decorating Above Tuscan Kitchen Cabinets
With most wall space occupied in the kitchen, take advantage of the space above kitchen cabinets to introduce color and texture to the design theme. This space is ideal for brining in greenery, displaying large decorative accessories and introducing favorite colors. In a Tuscan kitchen, group large urns, baskets, bowls and plates, some reclining and some standing. Consider a backdrop, of wrought iron, small framed artwork and large baskets. Organic copper, earthenware and fruit are natural companions in above cabinet displays.
Tuscan Kitchens
Decorating above cabinets is easy. Consider a backdrop of organic basketry. Add copper containers, two sitting and one reclining, two rustic earthenware vases and a sampling of foliage and faux fruit. By layering the baskets, copper, earthenware and foliage, the space becomes a dramatic Tuscan design statement in a rustic style kitchen.
Decorating with Iron Wall Decor
Tuscan kitchen decoration often includes iron wall decor, organics and brightly colored kitchen canisters. On an open shelf or in the space above kitchen cabinets, group large baskets, iron wall decor and earthenware urns and vases.

Decorating Walls and Above Kitchen Cabinets

Create layers of visual depth when decorating a rustic tuscan kitchen.

Layer dark and light accent colors, dark metals, heavily distressed woods and natural textures.

Consider a wrought iron focal point, old copper cooking utensils, rustic earthenware vessels and decorative floral, fruits and greenery in your above cabinet displays. See our selection.

Kitchen Wall Decor
Tuscan Kitchen Pantry Ideas
The Puerta Antigua cabinet is a versatile piece that can add Tuscan style to your kitchen. The photograph below demonstrates how you can customize an armoire to amplify your Tuscan kitchen's storage space. The adjustable shelves are lowered and in the upper half, a panel style pot rack is hung to tuck away frequently used pots and pans. A chrome shelf rack is added on the bottom shelf to store large containers above and glass baking dishes below. Tuscan Kitchen Furniture

Tuscan Kitchen Decorating
Creating Tuscan Kitchen Texture
In a rustic kitchen visual depth is created with heavily textured walls, rich Mediterranean color, organic earthenware vessels and rustic kitchen furniture. Tuscan Kitchen Furniture
Rustic Floor Vase at Accents of Salado
Rustic earthenware is a hallmark of Tuscan design. Earthenware urns, vases and containers provide color, texture and theme in Tuscan kitchens. Designed for Tuscan style homes, our large selection of oversized vases and unique urns brings dramatic style to Tuscan kitchens. Our large variety of styles provides a myriad of display and decorating options.

Tuscan Style Furniture for Kitchen and Dining Room
Rustic as well as more traditional furniture styles work in Tuscan interior design. Furniture can be embellished by hand painted designs, unique hand carving, intricate metal and ironwork and even leather-tooled accents.
Casual Furniture in Warm Woods and Rich Dark Colors

Tuscan style furniture can range from an informal simple look, to a more formal design. Create a Tuscan Look with rustic wood furniture from Accents of Salado. Attention to detail, grand scale and quality craftsmanship, result in unique Tuscan furniture styles designed for casual living spaces.

Visit the Accents of Salado showroom or visit our online shopping pages to see large, oversized bookcases, low-profile media cabinets, kitchen islands, hand-painted buffets and hutches, solid-wood dining room tables and chairs and mediterranean style bedroom furniture.

View the selection of rustic Tuscan kitchen and dining room furniture available from Accents of Salado.

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