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Tuscan decor is our specialty. Be inspired by our Tuscan decor images and decorating ideas. Learn how to decorate with Tuscan decorating colors and textures. Find Tuscan decor furniture and Tuscan decorating accessories for all rooms in the Tuscan home. Learn how to decorate in a Tuscan style.

is what ACCENTS OF SALADO is all about!

Discover Tuscan decorating with Accents of Salado. Find images and ideas for Tuscan decor and decorating . . ideas for creating a Tuscan interior design for the casual, relaxed way you like to live.

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Tuscan Decor Wall Art
Mediterranean - Tuscan style homes look as though they have been there forever! Mediterranean construction materials are ideal for architectural styles popular in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, California and all areas of the desert southwest. Cantera stone, stucco, plaster and terra cotta roofing tiles have been southwest decorating basics for centuries. Western and Mediterranean style Tuscan decor have much in common. Tuscan Architecture - Exteriors
Tuscan Decor Room by Room
Tuscan Home Architecture in Austin, Texas
Tuscan Decor for the Living Room
At ACCENTS OF SALADO, find Tuscan decor and rustic Tuscan decorating accessories in colors and textures for an old world Tuscan design home. Terra cotta pottery, rustic urns and wrought iron are Mediterranean style accents that give a Tuscan style home a lived in look. Vintage Tuscan accessories for Italian Tuscan style homes are our specialty. Celebrate the beauty of Tuscan decor with us. Preview our Tuscan decor accessories and furniture and consider the Mediterranean, Italian and Tuscan interior design ideas and tips found in our on-line shopping pages.
Tuscan Decor in the Tuscan Style Kitchen
The Italian Tuscan Style Kitchen
Tuscan kitchens are as beautiful as they are functional and the Tuscan kitchen reflects the Italian custom of gathering friends and family together for good wine, delicious food and great conversation. Tuscan Decor Kitchen Products

Tuscan Kitchens
Select furniture and home decor accessories that bring a touch of the Mediterranean to the old world style Tuscan kitchen.

Accents of Salado Tuscan Furniture Store
We remain faithful to hand craftsmanship. That's the secret to our furniture's success in today's world of mass production.

Rustic Furniture in Warm Stained Finishes and Rich Hand Painted Colors
Tuscan style furniture can range from an informal simple look, to a more formal design. It can be fashioned from iron, rustic woods or fine hardwoods and often includes accents of copper and iron. Create a Tuscan Look with old world furniture from Accents of Salado. Attention to detail, grand scale, solid wood, hand craftsmanship and time-honored construction techniques, result in unique Tuscan furniture styles designed for casual living spaces. Our Tuscan furniture collection features living room tables, Tuscan media cabinets, kitchen islands, hand-painted buffets and hutches, dining room tables and chairs and Tuscan style bedroom furniture. Capture the spirit of Tuscan dining room decor with Tuscan Dining Room images & ideas from Accents of Salado.

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Tuscan Style Dining Room Tables and Chairs
Complete your Tuscan dining room with a stylish hand-crafted Tuscan style dining table and leather upholstered dining chairs. Our large selection of dining tables includes large round tables for everyday use and extra-long tables for special occasions. Creating a bit of Italy in a home can be comforting, stylish and welcoming to those who live and visit there. Transform an unnoticed space into a sensory experience with Tuscan style furniture. Our dining table and chair selection transforms an everyday dining experience into one with a touch of Italian charm. Creating a Tuscan dining room is easy with dining room furniture from Accents of Salado. Begin with a warm wood Tuscan style dining room table. Even if you're a party of two or three, add a long dining table that looks as though it can hold several generations. Accents of Salado offers a large selection of Tuscan style extension dining tables that seat up to 12. Choose from round dining room tables small enough for a breakfast room and large enough for large dining rooms. Included in our selection are extra long dining tables that extend up to 144 inches and round tables up to an oversized 72 inch diameter. See our Tuscan dining table and chair selection.
Tuscan Dining Table

The Tuscan Living Room
Tuscan decorating colors are warm, yellow-based colors. Consider colors that are nature inspired. When decorating a Tuscan living room, think ripe, golden pears, a clear turquoise lake, orange-red hibiscus, luscious green olives, the creamy ivory of an aged plaster wall and the rich burgundy of aged wine. Choose dark mahogany stained woods, warm leathers, hand painted accent tables, textured area rugs and iron and tapestry wall decor and colorful thematic wall art in wide frames. Create a Tuscan decor that is warm and inviting. See our Tuscan Living Room Furniture. Tuscan Decor


Tuscan Bedrooms
When furnishing and decorating Tuscan bedrooms think rustic, sophisticated and luxurious. Create an inviting master bedroom space by combining all three. Enhance Tuscan bedroom décor with rustic wall finishes and luxurious bedding that showcase Tuscan style beds with tall headboards. Tall headboards are a hallmark of classic Tuscan bedroom furniture.

Include accents of iron, dark, rich wood tones and luxury bedding in your Tuscan bedroom design. The artistically designed Tuscan Mediterranean style bedroom is the ideal location for soft romantic lighting, Tuscan theme wall art and decorative mirrors. Our bedroom furniture collections include solid wood dressers, side chests, hi-boy chests and coordinating media cabinets.

Tuscan Bathrooms . . . Mediterranean Style
Today's homeowner has a much greater expectation of their master bedroom and bathroom suite. As trends move toward a more spacious and luxurious bathroom, many homeowners think outside the norm and the bedroom is no longer completely closed to the master bath. Careful attention is given to the smallest bedroom decorating details with the interior design finding top priority for these most personal spaces. From wall decor, to ornate mirrors, to vanities and linen storage that look like furniture, rustic Tuscan interior design and decorating elements are carefully selected for the Tuscan bedroom and master bath.
Tuscan Decor Bedroom Bath Bench
Tuscan Bathroom Wall Mirrors

Tuscan Color in Framed Art
Textiles have long been a favorite design solution for introducing color in to a room. A decorative throw pillow, a luxurious table runner or a favorite wall tapestry can be your inspiration piece for Tuscan wall colors. Soften metal, ceramic and other hard surface materials with colorful table runners, drapery and woven wall art. In true Tuscan colors, our tapestry wall art compliments many Tuscan decorating themes. Tuscan Decorating Colors

Tuscan Wall Decor
Decorating Rooms with High Ceilings and Immense Wall Space

High ceilings are characteristic in today's modern Tuscan style home construction. Tall ceilings present unique design challenges. Accents of Salado specializes in large old world Tuscan wall tapestry, wide-framed Tuscan artwork, iron wall sculpture and large framed mirrors that are fashionable solutions for immense wall space and high ceilings in Tuscan living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Tuscan wall art gives focus to the room and is an excellent opportunity to enhance a Tuscan design theme. Accents of Salado specializes in wall decor ideal for Tuscan decor rooms.

Wall decor decorating tips and ideas: Selecting Tuscan Wall Art     Selecting Tuscan Decorating Colors

Tuscan Wall Art Selection         Tuscan Decor Mirror Selection
Tuscan Wall Decor
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Tuscan Wall Decor Art Mirrors
Tuscan Theme Wall Decor
Alternative Wall Decor for Large Rooms with Tall Ceilings

You are looking for something bold and sophisticated ... a collection of decorative wall decor that expresses your interior decorating style. Architectural elements are a fashionable solution when decorating rooms with expansive walls and tall ceilings. Oversized wall decor that mimics ancient carved stone fragments is ideal in two-story foyers and spacious stairwells. Our Ancient Ruins Tall Arched Window exudes exceptional quality, exquisite detail and unique artistic form.
Decorating Tall Ceilings and Large Wall Space
Wrought iron is a durable metal, made of mild steel that can be adapted to any style, shape, or pattern, and its functional applications are limitless. Our Tuscan wall decor selection includes oversized iron and glass wall sconces, iron and antique tile combinations and embossed metal designs that decorate high ceilings and large wall space and give a Tuscan style home instant stylish design abundant in bold Tuscan imagery and color.

Tuscan Kitchen Decorating Ideas
Tuscan kitchens often display large dinnerware serving accessories and brightly colored kitchen canisters that are as beautiful as they are useful. Tuscan kitchen colors are drawn from natural materials. Brown and orange tones have a connection with earth, reds and greens with vegetation - ivory, yellow and tan with stone and blues have a connection with sky and water. A hallmark of Tuscan kitchen design is color connection with nature. More Tuscan Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets
In your Tuscan kitchen, group large earthenware urns and vases, some reclining and some standing, with similar type objects on a an open shelf or above kitchen cabinets. Consider a wrought iron backdrop, small framed artwork, old copper cooking utensils and decorative floral, fruits and greenery in your above cabinet displays.

Tuscan Decor
Tuscan Furniture
Where to See Outstanding Tuscan Style Homes Near Austin, Texas

Horseshoe Bay is a Texas premier lake and golf resort. This 7,000 acre luxury resort lies along the panoramic shores of Lake LBJ in the heart of the Texas Hill Country near Marble Falls, Texas. Located just 45 minutes northwest of Austin, Texas, Horseshoe Bay Resort is the perfect place to live, play, relax, meet or entertain. Many Accents of Salado customers have Tuscan style vacation homes in Horseshoe Bay.

Georgetown is a delightful town just minutes north of Austin, Texas and some of our most delightful customers have made their way to Accents of Salado from Georgetown's Cimarron Hills. When we were building our Tuscan style home, we visited Cimarron Hills for home design ideas. It was a trip well worth the effort. Tuscan style is the hallmark of Cimarron Hills architecture.