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West Indies Decor
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West Indies Decor

Throughout the 16th-18th centuries the colonial powers, Great Britain, France and Spain, were engaged in a competition to colonize the world. From Asia to Africa to the New World Carribean islands, indigenous groups thoughout the world felt Bristish, French and Spanish influences. Known as the colonial period, this era resulted in events that changed the societal structures of both the colonizers as well as the colonized.

Today's modern decorating styles take cues from this colonial period and the results are known as British West Indies decor, French Colonial decor and Spanish Hacienda decor. All three styles are more casual than traditional with furnishings and accessories being designed for a more laid-back lifestyle.

Colonial powers brought the solid and sturdy furniture designs of Europe and adapted them to the tropics. Furniture was carved by native craftsmen using British, French and Spanish designs. West Indies style decor is easily recognized by its sturdy dark wood
furniture as well as the use of rattan and leather. One of the hallmarks of West Indies decor is the contrast of hard dark woods with the exotic colors and natural, organic construction materials found in the tropics.

Key Largo Dining Chair
West Indies Decor
West Indies Dining Room
West Indies Dining Room Decor
West Indies Dining Room Chairs
Drawing from both the practical and the exotic, West Indies Colonial design emphasizes muted wall colors, such as browns, beiges, golds and khaki. The West Indies accessories color palette reflects the tropical lushness of nature, which was abundant in the tropical regions of the West Indies, Asia and Africa.

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