Large Rustic Urns Vases Canisters Platters Bowls in Earthenware Ceramic and Metal

Mediterranean Living

In our selection find Italian Tuscan - French Country decorating and design accessories. Tall terra cotta urns, rustic earth tone pottery and fine ceramic canisters, urns and vases are ideal for decorating all rooms in the Mediterranean home. In our collection find rustic earthenware vessels, Tuscan style food canisters, terra cotta urns, earthenware bowls and glazed ceramic vases in a variety of colors, styles and finishes ideal for the French Country and Tuscan style home.
Classic Earthenware
Decorating with Rustic Urns-Vases-Vessels
Blend the simplistic beauty of Mediterranean style with the sophistication of today's modern terra cotta decorating accessories for Italian Tuscan and French Country style homes. Enjoy displaying and decorating with large metal urns, tall earthenware floor vases, large oversized platters and bowls, ceramic canisters, gracefully designed earth tone vases and unique decorative containers throughout your Mediterranean style home. Choose decorating accessories that make your home beautifully old world Mediterranean!

Create a distinctive old world look with earthenware, ceramic and metal.
Large Rustic Urns, Vases, Platters and Bowls
Few decorating accessories say Mediterranean like rustic earthenware and ceramic vessels. Common to Mediterranean cultures for centuries, classic urns, tall floor vases and unique vessels enhance an old world decor throughout a Mediterranean style home. Rustic earthenware vessels, in the richest of warm earthy colors, compliment granite counters, wood hutches, dining tables and fireplace mantels.

Include classic old world design in your Mediterranean Tuscan - French Country style home. Add interest, color and texture with old world inspired pottery, kitchen food canisters and copper decorating accessories when designing an Italian - French Country kitchen. Celebrate the rustic style kitchen by including our rustic pottery and urns, our unique decorative canisters and our aged ceramic vessels.

Welcome friends and family to your Italian Tuscan or French Country kitchen with the beauty of rustic earth tone pottery complimented by our selection of fine ceramic decorating accessories. Complete your decorating theme with accessories designed in rich, earthy terra cotta and unique earthenware design vases and urns.

A Mediterranean Tuscan - French Country home includes the textures of ceramic, iron, copper, stone, terra cotta, tile and wood. Capture the spirit of Tuscan - French Country decor with rustic earthenware canisters, vessels and urns.
All the right old
Rustic Wood Hutches-Rustic Furniture
world colors and textures are found in rustic earthenware. Our Mediterranean Earth Tone collections pair beautifully with our rustic wood furniture, wall art and iron decorating accessories.   SEE PURCHASE INFORMATION

Earth Tone Colors

All the right old world colors and textures are found in our Grape Harvest pottery collection.

Sculpted grapes and leaves grace large rustic vases designed in wine vessel forms.

Created with irregular and imperfect finishes, these classic gold vases are deigned to represent vessels of antiquity.

Ideal displayed in rustic kitchens and dining rooms, the deep golden color compliments many color palettes and decorating themes.

Choose from one style or collect all three to make a dramatic statement in your Tuscan, French country or Spanish style home.
Tall Handled Floor Vases
Aged Mediterranean Style

The Alfresco tall handled vase collection has Mediterranean olive jar styling reminiscent of large storage vessels used to transport goods along ancient Mediterranean trading routes.

Designed to appear as an aged treasure, recovered from ancient Mediterranean regions, expect artisan-created imperfections in these tall hand made floor vases. Hand painted in earth tone shades, textured antiquing provides bold contrast in these oversized earthenware vases.
Rustic Earthenware Vessels
Aged Mediterranean Style
The Alfresco Earthenware Collection is designed for Mediterranean interiors. In rustic antiqued finishes and a variety of colors, the tall vases, large bowls, oversized fruit and large round platters bring instant Mediterranean style to kitchens, foyers and entertaining areas.

Alfresco Copper Finish
The Alfresco copper texture is an antiqued finish with a subtle copper sheen. Each copper texture vase, bowl, platter and pitcher is a unique hand made vessel that varies in a textured copper antiquing pattern. Expect artisan-created imperfections in these old world decorating vessels.

for Old World Style Decorating

Old world colors are warm and inviting and old world homes are rich with nature inspired colors. For more than 10,000 years metal craftsmen have been creating vessels from metal ores. The ancient peoples of Syria, Iraq and Egypt began developing metallurgy by creating the first metal tools and weapons. Sometime after 6000 BC, smelting ore to produce pure copper was discovered in what is known as present day Turkey.

Ceramics for Old World Style Decorating, Storage and Cooking

Since humans first walked the earth thousands of years ago, there has been a need to transport, store and protect food and water. It is no surprise that storage and carrying vessels are among the ancient relics of past civilizations and that they are often cited as examples of human advancement, evolution and sophistication. Find classic shapes and style in our ceramic canisters, baking and serving ceramics and decorative kitchen ceramics.

Tuscan-French Country Furniture

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