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French Country Bedrooms
Bedroom Decor and Decorating

Images and Ideas on How to Decorate Romantic French Country Bedrooms
French Country bedroom colors are warm and comforting.

The key to creating a beautiful French Country bedroom is to choose a color palette that is soothing and pleasing to each person who will use the room.

Favorite French Country colors include gold, ivory, cream, taupe, tan, butter yellow, blue, aqua, red, garnet, rust, golden yellow and sage green. When creating a dramatic French Country bedroom color theme, select at least three harmonious colors instead of just one or two. Combine your colors with dark wood bedroom furniture and drama is taken up a notch.

You love gold in bedroom decorating, but are looking for a soul-mate color that adds a punch of dramatic color. Try garnet. Introducing red into the bedroom color scheme livens the mood and brings romance to the color equation. Gold and garnet are reminiscent of the traditional French passion for decorating with red and yellow. Red and yellow are classic French decorating colors and the toned down nature of gold and garnet make them ideal for bedroom decorating. The combination of gold and garnet creates impact through contrast.
Gold and garnet accentuate each other.
French Country bedroom colors of red and garnet
Thinking beyond just color, add texture by folding a fringed throw and place it under your pillows. An extra long table runner creates a similar layered look.
Gold and Red Bedroom
Accent pillows embellished with layers of bobbles, trims and luxury fringes enhance French Country bedroom decorating colors, but a table runner placed under your pillows will turn this design idea up a notch. Queen beds need at least a 90" table runner and king beds need a 110"-115" table runner.
French Country Bedroom Accessories
Ideas for French Country Bedrooms with How To Decorating Images

Romantic master bedrooms, with a masculine touch, reflect distinct masculine tastes in decorating. The bedroom is this picture could easily be a bachelor's retreat or a couple's romantic master suite.

Color contrast is dramatic. Walls painted in ivory and taupe are perfect contrasting shades to the dark wood ceiling. The bedroom feels warm and inviting due to color choices in bedding, flooring and accessories, but natural light from the bathroom and dressing area brightens the feel of this masculine room. The sisal rug, wicker chair, leather bench and iron wall decor enhance the organic masculine mood. The French theme wall art adds a touch of southern France to this well-designed bedroom.

Neutral Wall Colors
Peach is a neutral wall color that lets you go many directions with French Country bedding and accessories. Go masculine or opt for frilly.

Master Bedroom and Bathroom Wall Decor
Wall decor takes on many shapes and sizes in the casual master bedroom and bath. How to decorate walls is often a huge design challenge for many homeowners. In the images below see ideas on how to decorate with wall art, fabric, curtain rods, wall sconces, mirrors, wall tapestry and iron wall decor.
Coordinating the French Country Bedroom and Bath

How to Decorate a Small Master Bedroom Suite

Romantic master bedrooms, with a masculine touch, keep in mind that two people share the bedroom space and one of them may have more masculine tastes in decorating. Meeting the expectations of the couple desiring a romantic ambience in their master bedroom is challenging and limited space adds to the challenge.

Both master bedroom images presented here show how to create romance and drama with contrasting color, rich textures and luxurious fabrics. Because of each bedroom's limited square footage, the walls and bed become the optimum location in the room to create romantic bedroom design.

Master Bedroom Decorating with Accent Pillows
Warm brown tones, ivory and touches of sage, gold and rust make up the color palettes in these romantic bedrooms. Draped fabric on the walls and the softness of pillows and bed linens take the rooms in a feminine direction. The massive wood bed and iron curtain rod present a romantic old world feel, but stay in touch with masculine tastes.
Decorating Bedroom Walls How to Decorate Master Bedroom Walls

Distance from wall to wall is less in small bedrooms than the distance in large gathering rooms.

Smaller wall art works in smaller spaces because the viewer is close to the art from all points in the room. Applying the design skill of creating impact with contrast, enables small wall art to grab the viewer's interest.

In the picture to the left, there is no bright, vibrant color. The color scheme is monochromatic, but the designer creates definitive contrast and abundant texture in this setting.

The frames are wide and textural. The dark frame color is in contrast to the predominant white in the art. The iron side panels are dark and the iron texture and vertical lines compliment the ironwork depicted in the art.

The iron panels and table, like the frames, call attention to the wall art by balancing and framing the wall art display area.
How to Decorate Bedroom Windows with Texture and Color
When wall color is a solid color, patterned or textured draperies on the windows is best. Blue embroidered swag panels showcase dark woven window blinds in this bedroom design. Woven blinds allow filtered light to enter this bedroom and at the same time provide privacy. at the same time provide privacy. The texture added by the blinds is a plus and being able to bring the outside in enhances the room's size. Natural light is a plus in all rooms of a home and the textural appeal of the blinds allows for an easy transition in the future to a West Indies decorating theme.
French Country Bedroom Decorating with Blue

Blue and yellow is favorite French Country color combination. If you love blue, but are not a fan of yellow, a blue and brown color combination may be just what you're looking for.

In the French Country bedroom image left, the walls have been painted a soft taupe. With chocolate brown drapes behind the bed, combined with the blue and brown draperies swagged over the window, the homeowner has set the stage for a fashionable blue and brown bedspread. A blue and brown bedroom is restful and provides a much needed refuge to unwind at day's end.

Ah, the Beauty of Blue and Brown! French Country decorators love the combination.

The Casual and Stylish Bedroom Suite

Today's homeowner has a much greater expectation of their master bedroom and bathroom suite. As trends move toward more spacious bathrooms, many homeowners think outside the norm and the bathroom is no longer completely closed to the bedroom.

The master bathroom is emerging as a retreat, reminiscent of vacation resorts. The casual bathroom and the master bedroom have a more open, more natural flow between them and one feels as though the two rooms have been incorporated in to one.

The master bedroom, complimented by a spacious bathroom, is becoming a centerpiece in the home with design trends ranging from bold and colorful, to simple and serene, to casual and practical.

See more French Country style bathrooms and bathroom accessories and wall decor that enhance French Country decorating.
French Country Blue and Yellow

So you really do like the blue and yellow color combination, but butter yellow is just too feminine for your partner. There is a solution. How about darkening butter yellow to a dark, rich shade of gold? It works.

The image seen left of a stylish French Country bedroom demonstrates the combination of rustic and refined.

The room's architecture is a rustic style with dark wood beams and a dramatic arch over the bed. Wood furniture is dark.

The wall decor is dark and constructed in scrolls of metal common to many Mediterranean styles.

The luxurious bedding, silk shade lamps and upholstered furniture have a refined French Parisian look.
Just the right furniture, bedding and wall decor defines a well-designed master bedroom suite. Accents of Salado specializes in bedroom furniture, romantic bedding and designer wall decor for French Country bedrooms.


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