The French Country decor bathroom includes luxury and romance. Find bathroom accessories for French Country bathroom decorating.


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The Luxurious and Romantic French Country Bathroom
Savvy homeowners know that bathroom design doesn't end with sink and faucet selection. It's really just the beginning. Add another dimension to bathroom decorating by choosing French Country bathroom accessories that compliment romantic and masculine French Country design.

Romantic French Style in Bathroom Decorating
Simple bath accessories can add the romantic touch of Italian/French design to a powder room or bathroom. Liven up a bath or powder room by adding luxurious color. Consider unique earthenware and metal containers filled with a variety of luxurious towels in soft romantic colors and textures. Clear glass containers allow the beauty and color of luxury soaps and bath oils to compliment a romantic color scheme. Consider a colorful canister set for a romantic Italian/French bathroom make over. Add a ledge of candles or a romantic French style wall sconce to provide ambience and luxurious style to your bathroom.
Since the typical day begins and ends in the master bedroom and bath, creating an intimate well-designed space to invigorate, rejuvenate and unwind has become fundamental in the transformation of the master suite to a luxurious bedroom and bathroom space.

The master bedroom and bath are evolving from a mere necessity to a significant indulgence. Artistic framed mirrors, unique vases and urns, dressing tables that look like furniture and artfully designed accessories are a fashionable trend in today's luxury bathroom design as homeowners desire timeless beauty mixed with modern convenience. Luxury bathroom fixtures exceed the imaginable from hand-crafted glass vanities and sinks to exquisite hand painted furniture that substitutes for custom cabinets and linen closets.

Today's homeowner is looking to make the luxury bedroom/bath more comfortable and more stylish by using fixtures, furniture, wall decor, framed wall mirrors and accessories that make a personal statement.

French Country bathrooms, with a masculine touch, keep in mind that two people share the bathroom space and one of them may have more masculine tastes in decorating. Meeting the expectations of the couple desiring a romantic ambience in their master bath is challenging, but coming to the rescue are rustic French Country decorating styles. Framed art, wall tapestry and mirrors accented by iron add interest, texture and a masculine touch to a French Country bathroom decor.

Including soft secondary lighting in a room makes it more romantic and draws attention to cozy spaces. Old world decorating accessories, when placed in an old world style bedroom or master bath, embellish the room's comfort while creating ambience, drama and style.

At Accents of Salado find unique towel storage and display, iron accented mirrors ideal for the French Country bath and wall art that makes bathroom walls as important as walls in kitchen, bedroom and living areas.
Romantic French Country bedrooms can have masculine design elements. Like the rustic French Country bathroom, a rustic bedroom design keeps in mind that two people share the bedroom space and one of them may have more masculine tastes in decorating. Meeting the expectations of the couple desiring a romantic French Country bedroom is a challenge and rustic Mediterranean Italian and French Country decorating elements satisfy the comfort level of both masculine and femenine tastes in decorating. Window treatments, bedding, wide-framed art and mirrors accented by iron give a masculine French Country touch to a bedroom's decor.

Iron and heavy wood furniture combined with rustic decorating accessories enhance a French Country decorating style. Learn more about French Country Bedrooms.
The bathroom deserves the same careful attention given to living areas. Turn a bland bathroom into a work of art with decorative mirrors, hand crafted ironwork, faux greenery and colorful ceramics.

MEDITERRANEAN STYLE - French Country Decor - Tuscan Decor - Spanish Hacienda Decor
Create a beautifully well designed bath by decorating the walls. Consider framed art, wall tapestry and iron work when decorating an old world style bathroom.
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Like all rooms in your home, choice of architectural design, furnishings and decorative wall decor determine your decorating style.

Iron has long been favored by artisans when designing exquisite and elaborate lighting fixtures, candle holders, towel storage, bathroom mirrors and wall decor for homes throughout the Mediterranean regions of Europe.

Learn more about Mediterranean regional decor styles.

French Country Decor
Tuscan Decor
Spanish Hacienda Decor

Our online selection includes classic European style mirrors and wall decor for Mediterranean style bathrooms.

French Country Bathrooms Made Beautiful
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Glassware for an Old World Look
Our distinctive and unique glass decanter with glass, handcrafted in thick textured glass, is as useful as it is beautiful. Created for Italian - French Country interior design, our decanter is at home in many settings. Showcase your love for the transparent with the the green glass decanter and tumbler, ideal for filtered water on the kitchen island, beside the bathroom sink and a must for the guest bedroom.
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Perfect Glass Soap Dish for a French Country Style Bathroom
IDEAL FOR FRENCH COUNTRY KITCHEN AND BATH, the iron towel stand holds an oversized translucent green glass bowl large enough for all your sponges and soaps. Give your hand towels, hand soap and sponges an attractive nesting place with this old world metal and glass organizing accessory.
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Mirrored Storage for Bathroom Essentials
The Parisienne mirrored bottle set is constructed of numerous beveled mirrors with polished edges. With removable mirrored stoppers, these reflective decanters hold liquid soaps, perfumes, shampoos and bath oils.
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Towel Holder Set with an Old World French Country Look
Towel holders, designed in heavy metal and created for narrow wall space, provide a nesting place for hand towels beside handwashing areas.
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Mirrors for the French Country Style Bathroom
Ideal for all rooms throughout the French Country style home, our large mirror selection lets you choose from a myriad of styles, shapes and sizes.
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Iron Bathroom Accessories
From bathroom hooks to toilet tissue storage to unique towel cradles, iron racks meet many storage challenges in the French Country style bathroom.
Whether your decorating colors are golds and reds or yellows and blues, the French Country bathroom is welcoming, relaxing and a feast for the eyes. Extraordinary interior decorating can be as simple as choosing unique accessories and placing them in an unexpected location within a room's design. In the French Country bathroom, include live or faux greenery displayed in unique earthen, glass and metal containers. Always include urns and vases designed for an old world look. Urns and vases were used to hold water for filling the ancient baths and are closely associated with ancient bathing customs.
Romantic French Country Bathroom Decor
Our large selection of wall decor, urns and vases, mirrors and pre-made floral provides unique products and great decorating ideas for your French Country style bathroom.

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