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Round Solid Wood Dining Room Tables
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Solid Wood Dining Tables Designed for Casual Tuscan, Spanish Hacienda and French Country Dining Rooms
The old world dining room can be simple, rustic or elegant in design. The dining table and chairs can be fashioned from rustic woods or fine hardwoods. Old world dining tables are often round and include large oversized bases. Consider a large round dining table when creating a Tuscan, Spanish, West Indies and French country style dining room. Our dining tables are perfect for the old world style dining room.

Terra Dining Room Collection
Impressive, unique and casually elegant, Terra Collection dining room furniture compliments the old world style dining room. The round table collection includes 44", 48" and 54" diameter sizes. The rectangle dining tables come in 72" and 92" lengths. The Terra Collection brings a sense of timeless sophistication and old world charm to your dining area. Made entirely from reclaimed Neem wood, each exquisite piece features a durable frame-and-panel design with handcrafted details such as dovetail drawers, hand-turned pedestals and a hand-hewn inlay. This X-pattern inlay, combined with the solid wood construction and antique-rubbed lacquer finish, represents the master craftsmanship of this collection.
Classic style and a rich, chestnut finish make the Terra dining table collection ideal for old world interiors. Solid hardwood is sculpted into a blend of unique design and graceful functionality. Expect artisan-created distressing in the solid-wood construction of Terra Collection dining room tables and sideboard.

42" Dia x 30"H Round Table   $1,350.00
48" Dia x 30"H Round Table   $1,475.00
54" Dia x 30"H Round Table   $1,625.00

72" L x 40" W x 30"H Rectangle Table   $1,995.00
92" L x 42" W x 30"H Rectangle Table   $2,215.00

78" L x 19" W x 40"H Solid Wood Sideboard   $2,865.00

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The finish on our solid wood furniture is very durable and suitable for daily use. It will age gracefully. It is important to note that while using glassware and regular service on tables will not harm the finish, while prolonged exposure to extreme elements such as temperature variation, moisture fluctuations and sunlight will age the product much faster and can cause visible effects.

Fine wood furniture will have fewer problems when its environment is controlled at a temperature between 65 and 75 degrees with a relative humidity between 35 and 40 percent. Wood placed in an environment outside of those limits can and will shrink or expand and may develop some small cracks which are not material or structural defects.

It is important that the humidity levels in the room be controlled from extremes of too much or too little. Furniture should not be placed close to air conditioning outlets, fire places, radiators space heaters, humidifiers or dehumidifiers. Keep the furniture out of direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays will fade colors and in some cases darken them. It can also cause crazing or hair-line cracks in the finish.

Exposure to extreme variations of temperature and humitity can and will damage any solid wood product.

MANUFACTURER RECOMMENDATIONS: Use Guardsman, Pledge or a similar product for regular maintenance. Do not use polishes that create build-up or those with petroleum-based chemicals. Dirty surfaces can cause scratches. Keep the product dusted and clean to prolong its beauty.

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